relaxation imagesNourishM A S S A G E  &  W E L L N E S S

Michele Damron- massage therapist, infant massage and yoga instructor

nour•ish:  Provide with substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition

The intention at NourishM A S S A G E  & W E L L N E S S  is to provide services and resources to promote healing, relaxation and renewal for individuals.  Services are provided:  To assist those who are experiencing pain to alleviate their pain;  To promote individuals who are feeling overwhelmed to find physical and emotional balance;  To encourage each person in nurturing themselves and meeting their needs;  To support each person in living life to the fullest.  So…. whether you are looking for a massage in our office, infant massage instruction, yoga, some good recipes to feed yourself, or food for your soul, or other inspiring and healthy resources, it is our pleasure to serve each person with joy and gratitude and leave you feeling better.    Namaste!  


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